Low Income Energy Assistance Program Introduction


LIEAP is a federally funded program. It helps households pay a portion of their home energy costs. Eligible households receive a one-time benefit. LIEAP funds may only be used for home energy costs.

To qualify for LIEAP a household must:
1. Not exceed the income limits in the chart appearing here.
2. Be personally responsible for the fuel costs payable either to the landlord, utility company, or fuel vendor.
3. Have made recent payments toward their heating or cooling costs. (Payments may be a combination of payments for natural gas, electricity, propane, and firewood. the total of qualifying payments must be at least $80.)
4. Have at least one member of the household be a US Citizen or "qualified alien".
The completed application must be received no later than close of business on the final business day of March. An application is not complete until it is signed and proof of utility accounts and income for all household members has been received.
Persons Living at Address Maximum Gross Monthly Income
1 $1,307.00
2 $1,760.00
3 $2,213.00
4 $2,665.00
5 $3,118.00
6 $3,571.00
7 $4,024.00
8 $4,477.00
9 $4,930.00
10 $5,383.00
11 $5,836.00
12 $6,289.00
+1 $453.00

Things to have handy to help complete the Application:

VERY IMPORTANT: The electronic signature for the Application must be from the person whose name is primary (appears first) on the primary heating utility bill if living at the address. Otherwise the signature should be the primary person on the lease agreement.

Avoid delays in the processing of your application by doing the following:

Please allow 30-45 days for the processing of your application.

If you have questions or need assistance please call 1-800-432-0043.

Online Application for Energy Assistance (LIEAP) is not available at this time.